World leaders in high recovery membrane solutions for Landfill/Leachate – Our high recovery membrane technologies have been developed and tested against one of the most challenging waters in the world – landfill leachate. Increasingly stringent environmental regulations mean that landfill operators have to address the issue of how to deal with this highly contaminated water. Our systems and membranes are the most efficient and effective in the market. Our reverse osmosis systems can be designed to remove up to 99.8% of contaminants.

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Our Reverse Osmosis System – Our reverse osmosis system is used in over 300 landfill site in 16 countries across five continents. Our high recovery membranes, elements and modules enable our customers to obtain >95% water recovery from landfill leachate.

  • Used in over 300 landfill site – water with the most potent cocktail of contaminants in the world
  • Costs 1/3 of competitor’s systems
  • Produces zero discharge.
  • Smaller foot print than competitors
  • Lower labor costs as membrane can be changed in 30 minutes
  • Membrane lifespan is 5 years
  • Reduces liquid volumes by 70-80%.
  • Capacity of 30,000 – 100,000 gallon of water per day for open landfill sites
  • 6,000 modules are currently in operation
  • Systems are in operation in 16 countries across five continents
Complete Solutions
ULTURA’s Rochem system is the leader in high pressure reverse osmosis for the treatment of challenging leachates – proven to be more eective than stand-alone MBR systems.

The Rochem system from ULTURA is built around the following key advantages:

  • Dedicated development (at our southern California R&D facility) of high rejection reverse osmosis membrane cushions to retain both organic and inorganic contaminants at rejection rates of 98-99%
  • The Rochem Spacer Tube® module with its patented open channel technology, represents a major evolution is membrane module design providing world leading performance requiring fewer modules, less energy and less space
  • Our dedicated engineering and assembly facility in Hamburg, Germany ensures seamless integration and the highest level of quality of build and technical advice
  • 30 years dedication to the development and delivery and (in some cases) operation of landll leachate treatment technologies across the Americas, EMEA and Asia
  • Worldwide access to sales, aftersales support and spares
Complete Control
ULTURA’s control systems ensure landll leachate treatment plant operation is automated and operating condition of the plant is conveniently displayed on a ow chart and instrumentation diagram equipped with signals and alarms. The plant is completely automatic and operates 24 hours per day without supervision.

Operational faults stop the plant and the specific cause of the fault is displayed on the control cabinet. If the residual salt content is continually high, the plant will shutdown automatically. The control system is designed for fully automatic operation with automatic pressure and ow control, remote start-up and shutdown and remote plant monitoring. A sub-program which permits individual control of all valves and pumps can be provided for plant servicing purposes.

World Leaders in Landfil Leachate treatment systems

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